How it's all started

Our Story

I’m Suzanne the co-founder and Managing Director of Meno Angel. I started to go through the menopause in my 30’s. At the age of 37 I found myself waking in the night drenched and during the day fatigued. The turning point was when my brain fog was so bad, I couldn’t remember how to start the car, where I’d parked it and only too often where to pick my children up from!

Throughout my 40’s I was purchasing combinations of supplements and rattling around with capsules. As an X Microsoft & Bespoke Systems Author & Trainer, I put my research & development skills to the test. I wanted an all-in-one natural solution that would give me my life back, this led to the birth of Meno Angel as I was considered far too young to be in the 1st stage of menopause.

“ To lose a sense and gain it back again feels like having a superpower. ”

Ever since that moment I have been on the hunt for natural ingredients that can augment human capabilities giving us superpowers.

Every women's experience of menopause is different, with 48 different symptoms from brain fog, night sweats, anxiety, and mood swings caused by hormone imbalance and fatigue etc. Meno Angel® Halo helps with 8 of the top 10 symptoms and we are happy to be part of the journey for so many women across the UK and beyond.

Meno Angel - It changed my life!

Suzanne Francey
Co-Founder & Managing Director