5 Steps to Improve Mental Wellbeing

5 Steps to Improve Mental Wellbeing

Hello Tribe,

Hope everyone is well in mind and body. You all look wonderful by the way.

Today is World Mental Health day. A very poignant day for many as it seems almost everyone today is either struggling with mental wellness themselves or a knows a friend, family member or work colleague who is. I myself have suffered my whole life with bouts of depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. I first seriously considered killing myself aged 11. I would love to tell that was a passing phase but alas it wasn’t and those thoughts have been a constant battle throughout my whole life. I share this with you so as to offer some comfort that you are not alone and you are not lost or broken.

Also, if anyone feels their friends, family or colleagues maybe struggling with mental health issues at the moment please reach out to them. Listen. Don’t judge. You just might help save someone.

Below are some daily practices to help improve your mental wellbeing:

1. Mindfulness - Be aware of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment for the world around you. This can positively change the way you feel about life and how you approach it

2. Gratitude - Living with gratitude has a positive emotional impact on people. Beginning each day by writing three things you are most grateful for that day is a simple but powerful took to help experience a more positive outlook.

3. Exercise - Find an activity you enjoy and can make a regular part of your life. The release of endorphins is a great emotional boost, stress reliever and builds self esteem.

4. Giving - Build social networks by volunteering in your local community. Even the smallest of acts like a smile, kind words or a thank you have shown to have a powerful effect on emotional wellbeing.

5. Connect/Talk - Make time to connect with people around you, family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Talking and sharing is crucial well your mental mental health.

You have one ride at the rodeo. Make the most of it. Optimise yourself and your life. Then give a bit back.